breach of fiduciary duty

breach of fiduciary duty
breach of fiduciary duty ˌbreach of fiˌduciary ˈduty breaches of fiduciary duty PLURALFORM noun [countable, uncountable] LAW
when a person or company who has responsibility for managing other people's money fails to protect the interests of the people whose money they are managing:

• The company was in breach of fiduciary duty to the songwriters by keeping 75% of their royalties.

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breach of fiduciary duty UK US noun [C or U] (plural breaches of fiduciary duty)
LAW a failure to responsibly manage money that someone else has trusted you to keep safe: »

They were named in a $100 million civil action for breach of fiduciary duty following the bank's failure.


The retirement act gives workers the right to sue employers for breaches of fiduciary duty.

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